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I grew up right outside Princeton, New Jersey, with a dictionary at the dinner table, a computer in my room (which led me, early, to web design & coding as a hobby,) and a massive collection of VHS tapes for binge-watching, well before binge-watching was a thing. I recently found a 'dream TV system' that I designed when I was littleā€”it was basically Netflix.

I was afforded a lot of diverse experiences which have shaped my insatiable curiosity and interest in just about everything... I blame (at least in part) the summer camps I went to: French immersion, choir, theater, farm, nature conservation, swimming, art, photography, public speaking, and quite a few more.

I attended the University of Iowa (my first real experience with culture shock) and then studied abroad in Rome, where I fell in love with history, art, and learning about different cultures and people. Then I moved to Chicago.

Somehow I got into advertising strategy, and have happily never looked back. When I'm not planning world domination for my clients, I'm discovering new great things to watch on my dream TV system (err, I mean, Netflix,) and at the Gene Siskel Film Center, being inspired at art museums, photographing the heck out of everything everywhere I go, visiting Rotofugi, and collecting tiny toys & neat-o Archie's juice glasses from the '70s.

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